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kc art institute fiber department

As they move into a newly renovated warehouse in the fall of 2012, the Kansas City Art Institute Fiber Department needs new furniture for 60 students. The KSU studio was tasked with transforming dimensional lumber and plywood salvaged from the warehouse’s existing mezzanine into new furniture for the department. The KSU students first met with department heads and fiber students to determine their needs and working habits. Then, over the course of seven weeks, they turned the raw material into fully functional furniture. The final design ( a three-spine configuration, to be installed in the fall of 2012) will serve as an organizational device for the students while still allowing them the flexibility they need for the pinning, stretching, hanging, ironing, laying, storing that their craft requires. Desks, pin-up boards, vertical work space and storage will attach to the central spines, creating a studio space that is both functional and inspiring.

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