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about the studio


Design+Make is an Academic partnership between a Kansas State University capstone design studio and el dorado inc. This studio explores conceptually driven, expertly crafted architecture at all scales of work, with all types of clients and in all locations. It is a research-based architectural enterprise where graduate students from diverse backgrounds develop their passion for innovative problem-solving, focused on community needs.





We begin each project with a programming phase where we listen closely to the needs and wants of our clients. During this period, we discover and take advantage of the potential strengths that often lay hidden beneath the surface of every building, site and situation. It is our responsibility to transform the chaotic forces present at a projects beginning into a coherent strategy solution.





Building on our understanding phase, we craft a clear and concise method of communication to ensure the client understands the project as it develops. All forms of drawing and modeling will be utilized during this phase to help the client's experience the spatial and tactile characteristics of the environments we create. In addition, we take the opportunity to fabricate prototypes that aid in the physical understanding of an idea.




This phase provides an opportunity to clearly articulate our design intent within a concise set of documents. We are challenged with understanding the complex realities of a construction site, and the relationship between quality, time, and cost. Through this process we develop a clear understanding of the design process in order to ensure a well built final project.





This studio continues through the documenting phase and carries on into the construction process. We are responsible for coordinating, and executing the work as the project demands. We set a goal to not only meet, but exceed all of our clients expectations with regard to quality and function. Components of each project serve as an opportunity to explore hands on fabrication, and expand our knowledge of the materials architects work with everyday.

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