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The New Lineup // Sevrin Scarcelli


Welcome back! A new year brings a new Design+Make studio, carrying on the tradition of design through making at Kansas State University. Starting in the Fall of 2015, the new school year brought about some exciting challenges, including a move out to a temporary location while Seaton is under construction. Now stationed at APD West,

the team has been hard at work for our clients at reStart Housing Services and

YMCA’s Camp Wood.

Jumping into the Fall Semester, our team was eager to establish experience and techniques in various building materials. Starting with the metal workshop, members of the Design+Make team honed in on their welding skills in order to complete benches for reStart Housing Services. In addition to the metal workshop, the team worked with local stone mason, Luke Koch, to gain a better understanding of the intensive labor and creativity of dry stacked limestone. With the knowledge of the these materials and the hands-on experience acquired through local experts and the art of making, the Design+Make team is ready to take on the exciting new challenges of Spring 2016.


This year’s Design+Make Studio is made up of a group largely rooted in the Midwest, possessing a deeper understanding of its local treasures, such as the Tallgrass Prairie. Our team has been working closely with YMCA’s Camp Wood to create an Orientation Station that directs attention to the Tallgrass Prairie and educates visitors of the finer details hidden within the expansive grasslands. Through collaboration and extensive studies of the prairie, the Design+Make team has completed schematic designs for The Preston Outdoor Education Station to be built this coming Spring.

Follow along with us as we dig deeper into the nuances of the prairie and discover the creative beauty of design through making.

Written by Sevrin Scarcelli

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