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Meet the Team // Tanner James


With every passing summer a new academic year begins at Kansas State University, and with it a return of students to Seaton Hall. Last fall a new group of graduate students moved into the Design+Make studio at AP Design, continuing a tradition of design build at Kansas State University. Making ourselves at home, we immediately began the task of resuming the work of our predecessors. This year our clients include the City of Alma, Kansas, Washington University in Saint Louis, reStart Housing Services, Johnson County Facilities Management, and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. With a diverse range of design opportunities offered by multiple simultaneous projects, the possibilities presented this year are endless. So you might ask, who are the people behind the team?

This year’s team comes from a diverse background, with hometowns spanning from the shores of the Pacific to the metropolises of the east, encompassing a wide range of talents and experiences. In the coming semester we look forward to giving you snapshots of how our design process works through the medium of this blog. Not only will you see our built projects, but also our thoughts and ideals pertaining to the design profession. 


Whether we are at our desks or in the fabrication shop we strive to continue a tradition of taking responsibility for design through making at Kansas State University. Architects. Designers. Makers. We go by many names, but we’re sure of one thing: the fine individuals that comprise our team are talented, creative, ambitious, and constantly surprising. Get to know us in the coming months, won’t you?

Written by Tanner James

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